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About the Deities of Lord Jagannath, Demuria:

When we listen the word Lord Jagannath, our soul feel excitement and get goosebumps because our body and soul want to meet you dear Lord. Why we feel like this, just because our body and soul is the real gift of lord. Oh ! how great you are, how glorious you are Dear Lord. When we see your eyes we can't blink our eyes, may be if we blink then we would miss this divine moment with you dear. His Smile is not a simple smile, it is the a nectar which make us forgetting  everything from this universe and attract towards him. And he looks whole universe with his two round eyes. In Odia there was a phrase "Chaka Ankhi Sabu Dekhuchi", It means everything is watched and observed by his two round eyes, so we can’t make him fool. 


         The Deities of Demuria are about 300 years old. It has no Nabakalebar (New Body) as Puri Jagannath. As we know in Puri,for every 12 years the deities are buried in ground and the new statute are made by replacing of old Deities as believed that "body changed and soul remains unchanged. But in Demuria, it has some difference through its glory, that No Nabakaebar has happend till date. We believe that Jagannath is the supreme and he is much more higher than "MAYA", so he would never be dead and his body remains unchanged as like, Lord krishna was always 16 years kishor (teenager ) for whole life span cause Maya can't captured him. So, "Demuria Jagannath is still alive and his Body is Divya, which is never be ruined by Maya."


Kimbodonti of Demuria Lord Jagannath:


Here in Demuria, as like Puri one day a log was floated in the River "Rath-Majna." By these Logs, the family of Chowdhury made Four "Daru Brahma", lord jagannath, Balaram, Subhadra and Sudarshana. But due to some reason the Chowdhury family can't worship for long days. Another family took charge of worshiping Lord, their surname was "Pahari". But when the time passed, they got Chowdhury tittle by Land Lord. But Old Chowdhury families were not totally dismissed, they are giving services as cook for the lord till date.


Some Brahmin of Demuria took the villagers of Demuria to Jagannath Puri as like travel Guide and it was their work and by which they earn money. These Brahmans were called "Dokhnari". It is heard that Moghini Narayan Chowdhury, the ancestor of Krishna Chowdhury was doing this work. They were visiting Puri through Madraj Road, which was called "Jagannath Road". Moghininarayan Chowdhury was doing this work not for money, he was doing this work just for taking chance to Darshan of The lord Jagananth in Puri. He was great devotee of lord Jagannath. In this visit he had to accept sever pain. Without shoes he had to walk through road. He used sack instead of shoes for walking long distance journey. His feet was bleeding but never stopped , only destiny was to getting Darshan of lord Jagannath. One day he received order on his dream at Balasore, when he was on the way to Puri. Jagannath told him, "I am captivated with your devotion, you dont have to come Puri with this pain. You go back to your home". Brahmin came back to Demuria and he saw Daru (wooden Log ) was floating on Rathmajna. And he realised this log is not simple log, it was "Daru Brahma". From that Wooden Log, the lord jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and the Sudarshana were built.

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